Girls Weekend at Senga Bay

(Kate, Ann, Sara and Cassandra)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been back in Malawi for ten days! My world has drastically changed yet eerily remains the same. I’ve come home to an intense work schedule, to my friends, to my dogs, and to a daily routine that I’ve grown accustomed to while Andy’s been away these last few months. The only difference now is knowing that he’ll never return.

(An unusual display from Malawian women – who stripped off their clothes and started to swim)

(Playing in the water)

My days are quite busy but I do feel so incredibly alone at night. However, my dear friend, Everett, reminded me that I am only without Andy – not alone; and that I may feel lonely at times in life, but will always be surrounded by loving, supportive people.

I hold his words dear to my heart. My friends/family, both near and far, have been amazing – a steady source of strength, always providing words of encouragement or lending an ear when I need it most.

And I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to my friends in Lilongwe. For the first time since Treasure Beach, I truly feel a part of a community.

Other aspects of my life are going quite well. Things at work are finally falling into place. My projects are taking off – I’ve even managed to reschedule the data standards workshop with WHO and the Ministry of Health – which is now set for November.

Plus, Malawi is expected to double its budget in the next fiscal year – so the office is abuzz strategizing how to spend the money. And, the Electronic Data Systems (one of the projects that I have been involved with) has been suggested as a priority for the country. Needless to say, I am excited about the future.

And I’ve been focusing my attention on things that make me happy, especially photography. I’m going to resume the photo shoots that I had begun with Mark (granted, he is now in Mozambique). Each Sunday, Hendricks (Mark’s old gardener) will arrange a photo shoot in someone’s home in the village. I am looking forward to picking up where Mark left off (although I am going to miss his technical expertise).

Finally, I spent this weekend with the girls in Senga Bay. I loved hanging out with the ladies, drinking wine, cooking meals together, chatting about life, and simply appreciating Lake Malawi.

I spent hours walking up and down the beach, talking to the locals (I really need to improve my Chichewe), and taking photos. Once again, I was reminded just how much I love it here.

As an aside, the photo shoot that I conducted last year with Concern Universal has finally been published ( ) – and one of my photos was published in the 2009 Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Calendar!

Please continue to keep in touch. I enjoy hearing from all of you.

Much love,

2 comments to Girls Weekend at Senga Bay

  • Janie

    Miss you and am thinking about you, Amy. Stay strong, and take good care of yourself. Stunning photos, and I can’t wait to see more from your upcoming photo shoots!

  • Hey Amy,
    Ran into David who told me about all the exciting things you are doing…and there is no more proof then you site and blog. Fantastic pictures full of emotion and love.

    Congratulations on living your dream and sharing your magic with the people you are with.
    Happy Trails from central texas and Happy Holidays!

    Carlos and Beth Austin

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